Conquered by the jumpsuit, one reason is enough

The charm of the jumpsuit lies in the easy-to-exhibit inner show, saying that it is okay, wearing it and not being able to wear it, saying that it is bad, compared with a single item that must be carefully matched to make a big splash, simply not too awesome. Loss, women understand the trade-offs, conquered by the reasons between good and bad, is also a good choice.


To some extent, there is no essential difference between the jumpsuit and the suit. Even if it is more convenient than the suit, one can solve a set of equipment, with a little care, and the intellectual route is not a problem. In other words, in addition to the trouble of going to the toilet, it is an advantage, you can almost close your eyes.


Desperately researching and collocation, but even the most basic color science is not clear, busy to work, but it is a “meaningless effort, it is better to sit and enjoy the success of the end”, why bother. Change your mind and study how good the jumpsuits are, and get twice the result with half the effort.


To tell the truth, a woman never lacks the courage to not hit the south wall. The lack of courage is the discovery of mistakes and timely return. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you don’t accept the jumpsuit at first, it’s not too late to accept it after all the things, because , the eyes will not lie.


It is undeniable that due to the difference in living environment and education level, different women will have different tastes. However, no matter what kind of taste, they will not change the commonality of chasing good things. Otherwise, there will be no jumpsuits. Opportunity, to accept the test of time.


Obviously, in the contest of the jumpsuit and the time, the jumpsuit won, and won the thorough. Look at the big trumpet sleeves, the one-piece collar jumpsuit, you will know, and the excitement, overflowing with words, proudly beat the drums full of streets.


I am used to the streak of the rules, I did not expect that the squatting is so extraordinary, the gas field is fully open, the hegemony is not gentle, don’t mention more eye-catching. As a result, it also indirectly verifies the fact that the inverted style is more likely to attract women’s attention than the consistent style.


From the unique attributes of the jumpsuit, the detachable design is basically the same as the foul. However, from the demand of the client, the detachable design is definitely an earth-shattering innovation, which not only seizes the suit. The rice bowl, which blocked the play of the single item, will not work.

Sling jumpsuit with a good look, slim fashion wear

What is the top of the suspenders? The suspenders are one of the most age-reducing items. Who wears them, especially when they wear suspenders in a casual moment, returning to the younger state in minutes. How to match the bibs is also a problem, no There will also be outdated wears.Let’s take a look at what jackets are used in the suspenders?

Sling jumpsuit

What is the top with suspenders?

1: denim suspenders + color sleeves tops

In the play, Tang Yin is a self-reliant and self-reliant daughter who doesn’t bother her parents. Of course, it won’t be too exaggerated to wear, or there are too many decorations. It is easy to wear a campus sensation with a cowboy sling worn overtime. If you are afraid that it is too simple to wear, you can choose the same color sleeves on the top as a small detail like Don Juan, so that the overall wear more points.

2: Detail suspenders + comfortable white T

If you are still a student~ Xiaobian really recommend white tops and suspenders/skirts are two items worthy of getting started, not only wild but also can not think about what the lower body wears. It is recommended to choose a style with more details, such as zipper design and striped color in the play. It can be easily released with a white shirt that everyone has! Of course, you can also exchange the two items. When you wear the color suspenders, you can choose the inner color with more colors. Like Tang Hao, choose the dark blue plain suspenders and pick the striped shirt with similar colors to make the overall wear very harmonious.

3: white shirt wild + formal sling

When it comes to the age-appropriation of the campus department, there will definitely be a white shirt. If you want to use a shirt as a lining, it is recommended to choose a formal color and material when choosing a sling/skirt. Don’t be soft and soft. It looks wrinkled and makes the overall proportions weird.

Sling jumpsuit

Examples of bibs with tops

The first, blue-strap bib is paired with white cotton short sleeves. This combination is the most classic match in summer, a simple white T-shirt, fresh and capable. The design of the round neck adds a touch of cuteness. If you don’t know which top to wear with a pair of trousers, then you choose this because it’s the most basic and most error-free way to match.

The second type, with blue and black irregular stripes and short sleeves. This short-sleeved pair is very personal, and the blue color is darker than the bib than the bib. Irregular stripes are also very fashionable.

The third, blue tight-fitting overalls with black one-length collar and long sleeves. Many people have never seen such a match. This tight-fitting trousers is different from the general trousers. It is very cute. Not like the other bibs are too wide and loose, put on this top with a word collar, sexy breath. If you wear this one to go shopping, you will definitely be able to make a good return.

The fourth, bib with white long-sleeved chiffon shirt. This style is very fresh and academic with the overall style, no matter who wears it will have a feeling of youth campus. The white chiffon shirt will also set off a young and pure person, reminding you of your childhood. It is best not to have too many patterns on the top of the shirt, because too many patterns will add to the overall painting.

What should I do if my suspenders are old?

  1. The bib pants are age-reducing and playful. The belt is dropped. You can return it to the original position by pulling it with one hand. However, the number of times is too much, and it will be troublesome. It is recommended to try to buy two small pins. Between the shoulder strap and the top. But when you need to pay attention, the pins must be hidden, otherwise it will be very strange to be seen by others.
  2. the straps are worn out, one of the reasons may be that the shoulders of the MM are not wide enough or the straps are loose. To solve this problem, try tightening the strap so that it is as close as possible to the shoulder.
  3. in the purchase of bib pants, the choice of playing X-type bib pants, can also prevent the phenomenon of shoulder straps.
  4. If the bib is always dropped because the pants are not suitable, it is recommended to buy new pants again to avoid this recurrence.